Discover the supportive haven at Olimpia’s Senior Care, where seniors embrace independence with tailored assistance. Our Adult Assisted Living services provide compassionate support for daily activities like bathing, dressing, and medication management. Seniors can reside in personalized suites or enjoy companionship, freeing them from household chores. At Olimpia’s Senior Care, we prioritize comfort and well-being, offering a secure and vibrant living environment. Experience a community where your loved ones thrive while maintaining their cherished independence.

Community at Olimpia's Senior Care

Discover a vibrant life at Olimpia’s Senior Care, where each resident’s unique passions shape their days. In our Adult Assisted Living community, you can kickstart your morning with invigorating yoga sessions, setting the tone for a day filled with personalized activities. Join friends for a delightful breakfast in our welcoming dining room. At Olimpia’s Senior Care, we tailor each experience to individual interests, ensuring a diverse and fulfilling lifestyle for every resident. Embrace a community where your preferences define the rhythm of your day.

Services & Amenities

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and safety at Olimpia’s Senior Care. Our senior-friendly living spaces offer attractive private rooms and semi-private rooms, a Shared large shower, and an emergency call response system. Providing a haven for your loved ones in our Adult Assisted Living community.

  • 24-hour access to trained caring associates
  • Gourmet, restaurant-style dining
  • Spacious private and semi-private rooms
  • Housekeeping and linen services
  • Emergency response system
  • Diverse activities program designed to enhance daily living
  • Instructor-led exercise classes
  • Educational seminars
  • Medical appointment scheduling
  • Climate-controlled air conditioning and heating
  • Private Spiritual Services
  • Transportation Services

Our Care Cost Options

Discover personalized care cost options at Olimpia’s Senior Care. Each community and senior is distinct, influencing pricing. Your choice of private or semi-private style, coupled with required daily assistance, shapes costs. Experience tailored Adult Assisted Living services that suit your individual needs and preferences.


per month

Entry package

A flexible care plan is the best way to meet you right where you are, but it can make estimating costs a little tricky. That’s why we’ve provided numbers below that are based on an average range. 

*Admission Monthly Costs may vary


per month

full package

In addition to the base rental rate, you may be responsible for other fees, including a one-time fee that covers admission and apartment preparation

*Admission Monthly Costs Maybe

Living options

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