Investing In Your

At Olimpia’s Senior Care discover daily opportunities for engagement, enjoyment, expression, learning, and growth. Our dedicated activities team crafts a personalized calendar for each community, catering to your unique needs.

  • Purposeful — Maintain a meaningful sense of identity.
  • Emotional — Feel safe, secure, and free to express emotions.
  • Physical — Choose from exercise, nutritious food, and collaborative clinical approaches.
  • Social — Foster a continuous sense of connectedness.
  • Spiritual — Uplift spirits with meaningful experiences.
  • Intellectual — Engage in a variety of interests.

our Unique Activities

Here are some of Olimpia’s Senior Care -exclusive programs you’ll find at our senior living home.

Embrace Well-Being with B-Fit

Indulge in our B-Fit exercise program, designed for your physical fitness. Rooted in the latest research and guidelines, it promises a delightful, invigorating, and socially engaging exercise journey. Elevate your well-being with every move, surrounded by a supportive community.

Your Well-being with Mindful Fitness

At Olimpia's Senior Care, we believe in nurturing both body and mind. Our holistic program offers insights into living a brain-healthy life. Discover the synergy of physical and mental well-being in our thoughtfully crafted fitness regimen.

Nourish Your Soul with The Ageless Spirit

At Olimpia's Senior Care, your spiritual well-being is paramount. Our award-winning program, The Ageless Spirit, is crafted for you. Immerse yourself in simple yet powerful practices, enhancing your spiritual journey. Your soul matters, and we are devoted to nurturing it.

Seniors at lunch table

Connected Life with Olimpia's Senior Care

At Olimpia's Senior Care, we redefine aging by fostering connections. Our technology solutions ensure you stay linked to loved ones and the world. Experience the power of staying engaged and connected throughout your aging journey.

Your Journey with "My Life Story"

At Olimpia's Senior Care, we honor your unique journey. Join "My Life Story," our storytelling program. Share your valuable wisdom, shaping the person you've become. Your narrative is cherished, adding richness to the collective tapestry of experiences in our community.

Group Life Health Talks

Explore lifelong learning with Olimpia's Senior Care. Our nurses and therapists bring expert insights to enhance your understanding of health and wellness. Seize these educational moments to foster a healthier, happier life.

The staff­ everyone from housekeeping to the dining room, the nurse and the care staff ­ is top notch. They are very good and always willing to help."