Arbi Abramian CEO and CFO of Olimpias Senior Care

Arbi and Armella Abramian

Arbi and Armella's Commitment to Assisted Living and Memory Care is driven by a profound desire to make a meaningful impact in the lives of the elderly, chose to become owners of an adult assisted living and memory care facility.

Passion for Elderly Care:
Arbi and Armella understand the unique challenges that come with aging. Their mission is commitment to enhancing the quality of life for seniors led them to create a haven where residents are not just cared for but cherished. Arbi and Armella's dedication to all of the resident's dignity, respect, and compassion for the elderly is at the heart of their journey. Arbi and Armella's commitment to enriching the lives of seniors., Olimpia's Senior Care stands as a beacon of compassionate care, where residents find comfort and companionship.

Caregiver team

Cassi, she is an RN and a Caregiver at Olimpia's Senior Care
RN and a Caregiver
Cherlyne. she is an CNA and a caregiver at Olimpia's Senior Care
CNA and a Caregiver