Well-being with Confidence In Care

At Olimpia’s Senior Care, we understand wellness is more than health; it’s realizing your loved one’s full potential. Olimpia’s Senior Care provides an excellent safe supportive lifestyle, 24/7 clinical support, and well-trained staff, we prioritize your loved one’s well-being. In addition to our support to your family members, we offer a variety of healthy lifestyle options and engaging activities, fostering a sense of well-being and supporting whole-brain fitness. With CONFIDENCE IN CARE, we are committed to ensuring a vibrant, fulfilling life for our residents.

did you know

Each day, our communities offer a blend of activities to enrich your loved one's body, mind, and spirit.

culinary offerings

We're proud of our commitment and works to quality in everything we do.

therapy services

Every single community offers residents a personalized monthly calendar of events

life enrichment

Enjoy spacious, elegant residences; welcoming common areas

Engaging Activities

Whether you enjoy fitness, the arts, education, dancing, gardening

Activities for minds,
body and spirit

art from the heart

When we think of wellness, we naturally think of our health and being free from illness, but it’s also about achieving your full potential. That’s the goal of our wellness program for our residents.

hearts & harmony

At Olimpia's Senior Care community, our dedicated activities team director has an extensive calendar tailored to our resident's specific needs.


At Olimpia's Senior Care, we want your loved ones to enjoy life as our residents always have, whether that means getting together for a lively activity with friends.

brain-stimulating game

From spacious Private and Semi-private to daily activities is designed to encourage our residents to stay involved in social.

I am so very pleased with the staff, surroundings, programs, and activities at Olimpia's Senior Care. My dad has never been more content in his entire life.