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Welcome home to our independent living, assisted living, and respite care community at Olimpia’s Senior Care!

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13571 Needham Pl Willis, Texas 77318, USA

A Place Where You Belong

Delve into the essence of Adult Assisted Living (Senior Care) – a manifestation of empathetic care and a sanctuary for those seeking a life enriched with communal support. Our identity goes beyond a mere facility; we serve as stewards of comfort, wholly devoted to fostering the well-being of our residents.

Within the intricate fabric of Adult Assisted Living, each strand narrates a tale of personalized care, offering solace to individuals in a community meticulously crafted to elevate their daily experiences. As caregivers, we act as sentinels, not just for assistance but also for companionship, fostering an environment where every resident is acknowledged and cherished.

Adult Assisted Living-loving couples

Seniors at adult Assisted Living wellness
Adult Assisted Living-loving couples

Our guiding principles commit to addressing the distinctive needs of each individual, ensuring a bespoke approach to their care journey. Inside the walls of Adult Assisted Living, we redefine assistance, transforming it into a holistic experience where residents prosper emotionally, socially, and physically.

As guardians of well-being, we embrace the duty of creating an ambiance that transcends the ordinary. Adult Assisted Living emerges as a tapestry where warmth, understanding, and empathy interweave, providing a refuge where residents are not just observed but truly seen, heard, and cared for.

At the heart of our community, the phrase “Who we are” resonates with a commitment – cultivating a residence where residents don’t merely exist; they thrive. Adult Assisted Living encapsulates the essence of compassion, turning each day into a canvas adorned with meaningful moments, shared laughter, and a support network that mirrors a close-knit family.

The identity of Adult Assisted Living is a testament to the dedication of crafting an environment where life is celebrated, not merely sustained. Our narrative revolves around care, compassion, and community, inviting you to partake in the embrace of a place that transcends the realm of assisted living – a lifestyle meticulously curated with heart and understanding.

“I am absolutely delighted with the choice our family made in selecting Olimpia’s as my father’s new residence. After extensive research and numerous visits to various assisted living facilities, including six visits to Olimpia’s with different family members, my father ultimately decided to reside at Olimpia’s Senior Care.”

Willis – Texas

Welcome Home

Delivering top-notch senior care services, we ponder: Why entrust us with your homecoming? While Dorothy eloquently asserted, “No Place Like Home,” the distinctive essence of Olimiapa’s Senior Care transforms a mere facility into your cherished abode.

Resort-Style Living

Delicious meals, exceptional facilities.

24/7 Nursing Staff

Highly qualified staff committed to your care

Safety and Security

Protection and facilitation when needed.


Rest assured your health needs are managed.

Your First Step Toward Better Living

Embark on a journey of enhanced living with Olimpia’s Senior Care, offering bespoke adult assisted living services for seniors. Taking the first step towards better living is pivotal, yet navigating the complexities of new senior living decisions can be daunting. Fear not, for we extend a helping hand, ready to assist you on this transformative path. Initiating a conversation with us is not just a service; it’s an expression of our genuine happiness to engage with you. Let’s talk for a brighter tomorrow.

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Floor Plan

Explore our facility’s floor plan, meticulously designed to provide a blend of private rooms and communal areas. From Room 1 to Room 11, each space ensures comfort, accessibility, and safety for residents. Our layout fosters a welcoming environment that promotes independence and community interaction, ensuring a superior assisted living experience.

Olimpia’s Senior Care facility floor plan
Olimpia’s Senior Care facility floor plan

Featured Testimonial

I am absolutely delighted with the choice our family made in selecting Olimpia's as my father's new residence. After extensive research and numerous visits to various assisted living facilities, including six visits to Olimpia's with different family members, my father ultimately decided to reside at Olimpia's Senior Care. We all, including my father, immediately felt a strong sense of comfort here. Nestled in the tranquil woods, Olimpia's boasts a fantastic atmosphere that exceeded our expectations. The staff members are exceptional, treating my father with the utmost care and consideration, making him feel like a cherished member of their own family. If you are contemplating a new home for a loved one in need of assisted living, a visit to Olimpia's is essential. It has proven to be the most beneficial decision we've made for my father during this challenging time, and we are immensely grateful for everyone at Olimpia's Senior Care.
Donnie Crisp
Donnie Crisp
The staff took such great care of my Mom. So thankful to have found this facility.
Kristy Hilley
Kristy Hilley
Olimpia’s was a Godsend! Out in the country in a serene environment. My sister was diagnosed with cancer in 5 areas and the doctor said she only had 2-6 months to live. Olimpia welcomed my sister, and took such wonderful care of her. Kept her clean and very comfortable. They always made sure her favorite shows were on the right channel. My sister also loved the food. Such a wonderful place.
Sandy Halbirt
Sandy Halbirt
My mother lived at Olimpia’s for the last year of her life after suffering a stroke which left her unable to walk, feed, dress herself,etc. The doctors gave her a few weeks to a few months to live. When we found Olimpia’s, we soon realized that it was a Godsend. She was cared for better than I could’ve done myself if I had been physically able. My mother improved greatly within a week, due to the excellent care , attention and food. Every day , Olimpia or her caretakers would dress her, feed her and bring her to the living area or outside on the beautiful deck if the weather permitted. She was never left in her bed during the day. I know this as I visited 3 -4 times a week at different times. Olimpia is truly an angel, as the other reviewers said. My mother was able to be with us nearly a year longer than expected, with a quality of life that she couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. Olimpia’s was an answer to prayer. Words cannot express how grateful we are to her and her dear family.
Maggie Smith
Maggie Smith
My mother was a resident at Olimpia's Senior Care for her last year of life. We moved her there after receiving very poor care in a commercial memory care facility. The kindness and compassion that Olimpia and her staff showed my mother was as though she was part of their family. Equally as important, they helped her to maintain her dignity. There are no words to adequately express the gratitude that I have for Olimpia and her staff. They pour their heart and soul into their residents. If you are looking for outstanding care for your loved one, look no further, you have found it. Olimpia was such a blessing not only to my precious mother, but to my entire family. She is truly an angel living among us and I am forever grateful to her.
Laurie Brownlow
Laurie Brownlow
My wife has been a resident for 9 months. No comparison to her previous care facility. I firmly believe that God sent one of his special Angel's (Olimpia) to own and oversee this care facility. Olimpia is a very special human and her caretakers reflect her loving care for all residents. This is a place where your loved ones will receive special and tender care. I recommend Olimpia's Senior Care without any reservation!